Monday, February 11, 2013

Trekking, Mountaineering, Slack packing, Adventures for 2013

We hope the start to 2013 has been as exciting for you guys as it has for us and we also hope that you’re managing to stick to those new years resolutions – the ones that involve fitness, exercise, getting out there, you know… Well, we want to help, there’s nothing like setting an awesome goal, say, set your sights on the summit of a lofty peak or maybe an ultra endurance challenge, to keep you motivated when working out. We have some suggestions for you.

Join us on the Drakensberg Grand Traverse – that’s how we started our year – 14 days of the best the mountains can offer, sun, wind, snow, eagles and spectacular views – note, no traffic jams, no cell phone reception, no pollution, no civilisation, in fact quite possible not another soul to be seen, it’s pure bliss. It’s also a demanding trek for the fit and seasoned hiker!

If two weeks is a little long, we’ve got The Northern Drakensberg Traverse coming up on the 7th of March and again on the 27th of March (over Easter), 6 days of awesome views, fantastic trekking and that’s a major score for your fitness points this year! That treks on the cards just about every month so send us an email for more details.

Don’t let those long weekends go by without a trip to the Drakensberg, our most popular 3 day Adventures are:
Amphitheatre Trek – The best of the Northern Drakensberg, overnight camping in the magnificent World Heritage site. Trekking only
Double Summit – An overnight camping trip, summit the trekking peak Mont – Aux – Sources and the Technical Rock Climbing Peak, The Sentinel. The Sentinel climb is great for those who’ve done a climbing course, have some climbing experience or are very fit, not afraid of heights and eager to learn.
Thabana Ntlenyana – The highest peak in the Drakensberg 3842m Two options: a hair raising 4x4 trip up Sani Pass then two days of trekking before the return 4x4 trip back down or 4 days of hiking up one pass, to the peak and down another pass, awesome scenery and a great achievement.

Oh yes, we’re having a serious think about an Expedition to MT KENYA in June this year that would be both the trekking Peak of Lenana as well as the technical climb of Nelion and Batian. Mt Kenya is spectacular, it’s far wilder than Kili, you get that real mountaineering feeling, wide open spaces, massive peaks, peace and tranquillity, superb scenery and pure achievement.

We have places available on the 29th of September 2013 for The Whale Trail:  Internationally acclaimed 5 night Slackpacking trail traversing the magnificent De Hoop Nature reserve on South Africa’s Cape Coast. You can enjoy walking though coastal plains full of game, meandering along magnificent porcelain white beaches, swimming in the turquoise ocean and whale watching from the shores. Accommodation is in well appointed Hikers cottages, all with great views., if you are keen to know more, want to book or have other dates in mind, visit our website or email us for details.

What’s ‘slackpacking’? – It’s hiking for smart people; you walk, we work. We make sure your bags get transported to your night’s accommodation, supply the food and wine and we cook your meals. Sounds good hey?

Knysna Slack Packing Trail, a day of canoeing, a day of magnificent beaches and then some forest walking to round off you trip, all meals, accommodation and luggage transport provided for you!

Our day adventures of Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Guided Hiking and Kloofing are available to thrill, chill or challenge you 7 days a week and they’re great if you only have a day or two to spare.

Our KNYSNA ADVENTURE TRAIL is breathtaking. The fresh breeze heralds the start of a sizzling day as you your paddles dip into the glassy Lagoon. The aquatic birdlife keep you company while you spy on the fish as you paddle across the estuary, look up every now and then ‘cause the views from the canoes are spectacular. After a half day of canoeing we enjoy a lunch before heading off to the ocean for a lazy beach walk. It’s a really chilled out adventure, just the perfect way to enjoy those warm summer days.

Looking for a little last minute corporate ‘timeout’? Put the team through our Canoe Challenge on the Knysna Lagoon – hey, if you’re from out of town, let us know, we’ll arrange the whole thing for you, flights, transfers accommodation and of course ADVENTURE! Browse through the adventure diary below and let us know if you’re keen to join us – or tell us what dates you have available.

ADVENTURE COURSES: Not keen on working in an office? We’re running the courses that prepare you for becoming an Abseiling, Mountain Walking and a Climbing guide, we hold them in Knysna, in Johannesburg and at any suitable site in South Africa, just send us an email for the details.

ADVENTURE CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS: see below for awesome opportunities to enjoy the outdoors this year, Remember ALL of our adventures are available 365 days a year.
Follow the links to our website or email us for the full details on any adventure below.


AMPHITHEATRE TREK  2nd to 4th  December
The best of the Drakenberg, splendid views of the magnificent Amphitheatre, Tugela Falls and hike to the Summit of Mont-aux-Sorces, the highest peak in the area. Wilderness camping all meals included.

THABANA NTLENYANA TREK  5th & 6th December
We start this trip with a hair raising 4 x 4 ride up Sani Pass, pack on the back packs, trek to the highest peak in the Drakensberg, camp in the Wilderness and round it off the following day with a stop at South Africa’s highest pub. A trip not to be missed!

SENTINEL PEAK 7th & 8th December
Climb the highest free standing peak in the Northern Drakensberg 3165m, a rewarding technical Rock Climb. Our Introductory Rock Climbing course is excellent prep for this climb, however if you’re fit, adventurous and not scared of heights we’ll make this an awesome 1st time climbing experience for you!

Tick Mont-aux-Sources 3452m, highest peak in the Northern Berg and The Sentinel 3165m the highest free standing peak in the Northern Drakensberg off your list of summits. M-A-S is a trekking peak overlooking the magnificent Amphitheatre, and the Sentinel is a technical Rock Climb. The nights in between the two are spent camping and exploring the Amphitheatre escarpment. 


Have a look at some of the great pics from our winter trips and then join us for a half day of canoeing on the Knysna Lagoon and a half day glorious beach walk. Includes lunch

KNYSNA CANOEING ADVENTURES Guided nature Trails on the Knysna Lagoon, it’s beautiful, you’ve got to join us.
Three days of the best coastal scenery that the Knysna has to offer, a day of canoeing on the Knysna Lagoon, a stunning beach walk and a rewarding dune hike, no need to carry a heavy pack, we transport all your gear to the accommodation ahead of you. Great food, stunning scenery, well appointed accommodation and invigorating fresh air.

MONTAGU ROCK CLIMBING  Are you looking for a great ay to spend Easter? Join us 28 March to 2 April or there abouts…
Join us for guided climbing and hiking in Montagu Western Cape. This area is superb with hundreds of excellent Rock Climbing routes, spend a few days learning to climb, improving your grades or learning new skills, we provide the guiding, instruction and gear. This beautiful mountain region is also home to some of South Africa’s best wine cellars

Climb the first Rock Climbing Route in South Africa on Towerkop in the Swartberg Mountains near Ladismith Western Cape, lots of trad routes to try out while camping on this gorgeous mountain, we’ll guide, instruct and provide gear, when we’re done climbing we’ll descend and join the festivities in Calitzdorp for the annual Port Wine Festival.

Close to PE is a superb climbing site with great Sport and Trad Routes, we’ll be holding our Introductory Rock Climbing course our Sport Climbing course and plenty of guided climbing get your skills sharp enough to set you up for a lifetime of climbing the crags.

Spring time in the Cape is a celebration of life, the whales move into the coastal waters and the dessert give rise to a magnificent display of flowers. We’ll be hiking through some of the most amazing botanical hotspots in the area, the hikes are rewarding in themselves, but coupled with the amazing floral display, the whole experience is fantastic, backpacking and slack packing options available. Email us for details.

Can’t choose between the beach or the berg? Combine both with our Sea and Summit Trails. Hike to the summit in the magnificent Cape Fold mountains, dine in style at an arty town with excellent cuisine and finish off your trip with a superb coastal hike.